Genealogical Sources

We can conduct a comprehensive search for your ancestors using the following genealogical sources.

The various records are used to compile as full a picture as possible of your ancestors in Limerick.

Of course, in some research not all sources will be relevant. For example if your ancestors emigrated in the 1850s, records such as the 1901 Census may not be of use. In such a case, the research would concentrate to a greater extent on church records.

1. Church Records of Various Denominations from the Seventeenth Century up to the Early Twentieth Century:

    • Catholic parish registers with start dates varying from 1745 to 1867.
    • Church of Ireland records with start dates varying from 1692 to 1893.
    • Presbyterian records from 1828.
    • Methodist records from 1824.
    • Quaker records from 1666.


2. Civil Records from the Start of Civil Registration up to the Early Twentieth Century (circa 1911) and Later Indexes:

    • Records of Births for most of east County Limerick and Limerick City from 1864.
    • Records of Deaths for Limerick City and County from 1864.
    • Records of Catholic Marriages for Limerick City and County from 1864.
    • Non-Catholic Marriage Records for Limerick City and County from 1845.


3. Property Valuation Records for the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries:

    • The Tithe Applotment Books from 1824 to 1835 for County Limerick.
    • Griffiths Primary Valuation from 1850 to 1852 for Limerick City and County.
    • The Cancelled Books of Griffiths Valuation from the late 1850s up to the early decades of the Twentieth Century for County Limerick.


4. Census Records:

    • 1901 Census for Limerick City and County (the earliest surviving household returns).
    • 1911 Census for Limerick City and County.
    • Nineteenth Century Census Fragments.
    • Local Parish Household Returns.


5. Other Sources:

    • Trade Directories for Limerick City and Limerick County Towns and Villages.
    • Indexed Biographical Notices from Local Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Newspapers.
    • Limerick City Municipal Cemetery Records.
    • Transcribed Gravestone Inscriptions for Limerick City and County.
    • Wills Registered in Limerick from 1858 to 1900.
    • Indexes and Calendars of Wills.
    • Indexed Crime Reports from the Limerick Chronicle 1792 to 1850.
    • Limerick Prison Registers 1831 to 1881.
    • Old Age Pension Census Search Forms.
    • Index to the Royal Irish Constabulary Officers 1816 to 1922.
    • Index to St. John's Hospital Register 1816 to 1826.
    • Miscellaneous School Roll Books for Limerick City and County.
    • Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Maps of Limerick.
    • Parish Histories, Journals and other Published Sources relevant to Limerick.


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Famous People of Limerick

  • Dolores O'Riordan - Lead Singer of the Cranberries
  • Terry Wogan - broadcaster
  • Eamon deValera - former President of Ireland
  • Rose Fitzgerald - mother of President John F. Kennedy
  • Gerry Flannery -Irish International and Munster rugby player


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