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Family History Report
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Family Search Report
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Single Birth/Baptism Search Report 
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Postal Applications:

Family History Report
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Family Search Report 
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Single Birth/Baptism Report
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Single Marriage Report 
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For postal applications, payment can be made by € bank draft or cheque made payable to Limerick Genealogy Research Service Ltd.

Guidelines To Completing Our Application Forms

Required Information:

1. County of Origin:

    • For research it is important to be aware of the county where your ancestor was born or perhaps married. Limerick Genealogy holds records relevant to Limerick City and County and this is our area of expertise but we can help with research elsewhere in Ireland. Information on place of birth is often passed down through generations within a family. However, if not, it may be given on your ancestor's immigration or naturalisation record, death record, obituary or gravestone inscription.
    • Having an address for your ancestor such as a parish, townland, town or street could prove of significant benefit to the research.

2. Full Name of Ancestor:

    • When choosing the ancestor who is the focus of the research, bear in mind that it is best to work from a point at which you have some information but are having difficulty tracing back further.

3. Parents' Names of Ancestor:

    • It is generally necessary to know the names of both parents of your ancestor, including the mother’s maiden name. This is necessary to ensure that the correct ancestor is searched for and that if there is more than one possibility, there can be no doubts in pursuing the correct individual.
    • There may be an exception to this if the surname of the ancestor is unusual to Limerick.
    • If you do not know the names of the parents of your ancestor, consider that it may be stated on his/her civil death record. It would also be worth searching for the ancestor's civil marriage record, obituary, immigration and naturalization records.

Additional Information Requested:

    • Approximate Date of Birth: This does not need to be exact as searches will extend to five or ten years.
    • Religious Denomination of your Ancestor: This information may help to narrow down the search for your ancestor. Nevertheless, all available church records will be searched.
    • Details of the Marriage and Offspring of your Ancestor: Information on this can help to provide clues to the previous generations.
    • Details on your Ancestor's Departure from Ireland, if applicable.

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Genealogical Sources

    • Church Records,

    • Civil Records

    • Property Valuation Records

    • Census Returns

    • Limerick City Cemetery Records

    • Gravestone Inscriptions

    • Biographical Notices

    • Wills

    • Trade Directories
      and more...

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What Our Clients Say...

"In seeking information on my Irish ancestry, I had the good fortune of contacting Catriona Crowe at Limerick Genealogy. Due to her thorough, professional and friendly research efforts, I learned about my Irish ancestry two generations further back then I could have hoped for. I highly recommend Limerick Genealogy" - Dave King, USA.


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