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Limerick Genealogy is a self-sustaining organisation, founded in 2006 with the aim of re-establishing the genealogical research service for Limerick City and County which began as early as the 1980s.
We hold a collection of approximately three million records, including a database of over one million, which was compiled over the last thirty years. The genealogical service was previously provided as part of Limerick Regional Archives and later Limerick Ancestry, which finally closed in 2004.

For details on the records now held by the separate body, Limerick Archives see www.limerick.ie/Archives.


Limerick Genealogy is run by Catriona Crowe who is a graduate of History and Archaeology in University College Dublin. Catriona continued her interest in Ireland's history and heritage and in particular that of Limerick, through studies in Heritage Management and Local History while continuing to work within the field. Having worked with the former research service Limerick Ancestry which closed in 2004, Catriona set about establishing Limerick Genealogy in 2006.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

"I decided to look into my family history and began to search the internet; once I got back to my Irish ancestors I came across a stumbling block and luckily found out the contact details of Limerick Genealogy. After initial communication with Limerick Genealogy to obtain information regarding my family history I found that they had access to a myriad of information that I would never have any hope on finding out. The first work that Limerick Genealogy did was an Initial Report and Assessment on the findings of my family. This gave me a lot of information and details of pricings for a more comprehensive search should I require it. I figured that the cost would easily outweigh the amount of time I would have researched the information myself and so got the complete family history that was available which arrived six weeks after the Initial assessment. The report was formative, easy to read and had explanations of historical facts, maps and other information that was added in the report was very valuable. I’m extremely happy with the service, communication and help I have received from Limerick Genealogy. Even when all the reports had finished I had correspondence about different ways I could carry on looking for my ancestors within the newspaper clippings." Hannah Thompson, Gloucester, England.


“I realised there was no further research I could do from my home in West Wales about my family connections to Limerick in Ireland. I needed expert help and called upon Catriona Crowe at research@limerickgenealogy.com. After an exhaustive search, she sent an extremely comprehensive and detailed account of everything she had found, including enlargements of maps and related documentation taking me back a further three generations. Through her meticulous research she brought the past alive for me! I highly commend her research company to anyone whether in Ireland or overseas.” Geraldine Conway, West Wales.


“Catriona, I wanted to tell you how excited I was that Limerick Genealogy had reopened. I had thought the ability to find information on my great-grandmothers family was lost forever (or until I got to Ireland). When I requested information on her family, to my surprise I hit the jackpot. In a very short period of time, I found that she had a sister who married and had ten children. Without the help of Limerick Genealogy, it would have taken me years to find this information. The professional report I received was astounding. It is very clear and easy to follow. In actuality it was truly priceless. Again I appreciate your hard work and great customer service.” Margaret McGrath, Ohio, USA.


“In seeking information on my Irish ancestry, I had the good fortune of contacting Catriona Crowe at Limerick Genealogy. Due to her thorough, professional and friendly research efforts, I learned about my Irish ancestry two generations further back then I could have hoped for. I highly recommend Limerick Genealogy!” Dave King, New York, USA.


”For anyone who has spent countless hours going through county records in old buildings with poor lighting and uncomfortable conditions, there is a great alternative for searching out ancestors in the Limerick area. Since I can no longer travel, Limerick Genealogy was kind enough to find a professional to visit the old home site and take some great photographs of existing buildings and several very old cemetery headstones. The effort they were willing to help me with my research was well above what I have come to expect from most genealogists and if anyone contacts them looking for the same information, they let you know about potential lost family members on the same trail.” Michael Brown, Idaho, USA.


“My search started to get easier when I contacted Limerick Genealogy and came in contact with Catriona Crowe. My entire experience with this research web site was more than I imagined. Even with the difference in time zones, my emailed questions were answered very quickly and I always received the answers I was looking for. When someone is helping you in your search, you don't expect them to be as excited about the findings as you. Catriona seemed genuinely interested in digging deeper to give me even more information. Her enthusiasm and the professionalism of the entire web site helped me tremendously. They made it easy. With their research my husband and I were able to locate relatives in Abbeyfeale and we actually stayed with them for part of our trip. I was able to see the farmhouse where it all began. Wonderful! Great Site!”Patti Hare, Illinois, USA.


“I was fortunate to come across a service in Limerick namely Limerick Genealogy on the internet. I was seeking information regarding our family and commissioned Limerick Genealogy to undertake some research on my behalf. The service they provided was excellent, they kept me informed at all stages and when the task had been completed, I was presented with an excellent report. They were thorough and very professional in the services they provided to me. It is sometimes very difficult to research family history from a distance and commission someone to undertake the role on your behalf, given that you have never met them. However I was kept informed at all stages via email and the reports were sent to me immediately on completion. They are professional, have an eye for detail and are very courteous. Given my experiences, I am happy to recommend to any prospective researcher to utilizing their services.”Evelyn Keen, Orange, New South Wales, Australia.


“I would like to thank you very much for the excellent research you provided in finding my grandfather and additional family members. Your Initial Report and Assessment detailed quite a bit of information on my immediate family, and the Family History Report opened up extensive amount of data on earlier generations. With this I was able to contact living cousins and expand further on my family ancestry. Again, thank you for your very professional expertise in helping to find my Irish family.”John McCarthy, Fayetteville, Georgia, USA.


“Limerick Genealogy's research exceeded my expectations! For the basic fee more results were produced than I had possibly imagined. I felt that Catriona couldn't have put more into it if she had been researching her own family history.”Hilary Macaulay, Birmingham, United Kingdom.


Limerick Genealogy Research Service Ltd.

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Genealogical Sources

    • Church Records

    • Civil Records

    • Property Valuation Records

    • Census Returns

    • Limerick City Cemetery Records

    • Gravestone Inscriptions

    • Biographical Notices

    • Wills

    • Trade Directories
      and more...

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Renowned People with Limerick Ancestry

  • Michael D. Higgins - President of Ireland
  • Bill Whelan - Composer of Riverdance
  • Rose Fitzgerald - mother of President John F. Kennedy
  • Richard Harris - Actor
  • Catherine Hayes - Opera Singer
  • Frank McCourt - Novelist, who grew up in Limerick and wrote about it in the bestseller Angela's Ashes
  • President McMahon - One-time ruler of France
  • Suzanne Murphy - Opera Singer
  • Kate O'Brien - Author
  • Sylvester O'Halloran - Historian and Surgeon
  • Commandant Ned Daly - executed on 4th May 1916 in Kilmainham Gaol for his role in the Easter Rising.
  • Captain Con Colbert - executed on 8th May 1916 in Kilmainham Gaol for his role in the Easter Rising.
  • Dolores O'Riordan - Lead Singer of the Cranberries
  • Eamon deValera - former President of Ireland
  • Terry Wogan - Broadcaster
  • Gerry Flannery - Irish International and Munster rugby player
  • Steve Finnan - Irish and Liverpool footballer
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